LeSportsac NEW YORK より サジマミキデザイン世界発売になります。
2016 春夏Ver. ”Secret vacation” というタイトルにて、
また、ポーチ、ミニバックのみの限定柄で、”Her letter”  ”Sweet memory”

Oneline store は 、本日5/25〜受付開始→ crick here!

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It’s my new work & news !  The Miki Sajima design of LeSportsac NEW YORK  will be released  
the world over!The title is “Secret vacation” (2016 Spring-Summer Ver.).
Sale location are  NY and all over United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, 
also Europe,Japan  etc ….
It will be released in countries all over  the world. You can buy around May. 
Japan seems to be released from around Early June across the country in retail limited stores. 
In addition, the limited pattern of  special Mini bag and pouch  ”Her letter” &”Sweet memory” will also be on sale.

Early June released  in Japan.  Oneline store will start to accept  from May 25th.
It will be  the summer limited edition  as soon as sold out.